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Choreography: Raffaele Irace
Costumes / sculpture: Sonia Biacchi
Dance: creation for two dancers
Music: Trio Phillip Peris, L. W. Beethoven, Aphex Twin
Production: The very secret dance society / Progetto Dimora Coreografica / CTR Teatro Venezia

The light. The darkness. In "Ultra" Raffaele Irace uses the dance of naked bodies, clothed in light and shadow, to express a duality and its infinite nuances. The light and the darkness shed their moral value to inspire and help you know what to inattentive you can not perceive.

Performance selected for the XIV Biennial of Young Artists of Europe and Mediterranean countries 2009 Skopje in Macedonia. (link)


A personal journey that involves the viewer making it a part of a world to share its discovery. The black and white alternate, like in a vision, once dialectically, once isolated.

Two different times, two points of view equally righteous. The color of a body in tension or which has just released, The warmth of a glance or the look with your eyes closed, hiding or reveal in the silence of a dark corner and found a faint light. A presence,  sublime forever, that reminds us how the nuances can be endless. The choreography want to be rich in dynamics and gestures, to talk about abstract worlds and possible encounters.

The dance is physical, it shakes the body which enjoying it's power. Alternating moments of explosive energy and virtuosity of dance, to quiet and intimate moments of extreme tenderness. The bodies of light and shadow meet to unite sunrise to sunset. Between two opposing forces emerges a figure, a traveling companion who reminds you not to forget.

In the spectacle Ultra, conceived and choreographed by Raffaele Irace, the dancers wear the works / costumes of the Venetian designer Sonia Biacchi director of CTR Theatre Centre of Research of Venice, with her long experience of exceptional costume designer, contributes with extreme elegance to the mise en scene's visual system.